Viva Labs Ground Flaxseed Review

If you’re going to add Flaxseeds to your diet, you’ll want to make sure that they are certified organic and non-GMO.  The best reasons to add Flaxseeds to your diet are to provide the following health benefits:
·       Flaxseeds can help to protect your heart.  Flaxseeds contain phenols, that have clinically been shown to boost your heart’s health and promote good cholesterol levels. 
·       Flaxseeds can help to improve your digestive health.
I was offered a bag of Viva Labs Ground Flaxseeds to review.  Their crops are grown in Canada and are certified organic and non-GMO.  Their crops are not heated at all.  This is to preserve the omega-3.
In order to review the product, I decided to use the Flaxseed in a couple of recipes and see how it tastes.  Here are the recipes that I used.

You can use the recipe online, but I changed it quite a lot.  Here is my version.
1 1/2 Cup organic flour
1/3 Cup Viva Labs Ground Flaxseeds
1/2 teaspoons baking soda
1/4 teaspoons salt
1 Cup, softened Soy-free Earth Balance
1/2 Cup brown sugar
1 Cup organic Coconut Palm sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla extract 
2 Cups oats
1 Cup chocolate chips
3/4 Cup shredded coconut
1/2 Cup chopped walnuts
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Grease 2 cookie sheets.  You’ll want to start each batch on a cool pan.
Whisk together flour, flax seed, soda, and salt in a bowl.

Beat together Earth Balance, brown sugar, palm sugar in a bowl and then stir in eggs and vanilla.  Now, add flour mixture to that until just combined. 

Fold oats, chocolate chips, coconut and nuts into dough just until evenly combined.  

Drop by tablespoonfuls onto cookie sheets about 2 inches apart.  Bake about 8-10 min.  Transfer onto a wire rack to cool.
These are absolutely delicious!!!!

Another wonderful recipe:
Here’s my version:
3/4 Cup Earth Balance Soy-free
1 Tablespoon Maple Syrup
1 teaspoon Baking soda
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
2 Cup Oats
1 Cup Organic flour
1 Cup organic Coconut Palm Sugar 
1/2 Cup Chocolate Chips
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.  Use Earth Balance to coat a 13x 9 inch baking dish.  
Melt 3/4 C Earth Balance and syrup over low heat or in microwave.

In a large bowl, stir together the Earth Balance mixture, baking soda and vanilla. Mix well.

Add oats, flour, sugar, and chocolate chips.  Mix well.  Press all into the 13 x 9 pan. 

Bake 12-18 minutes.  Cool.  Then, cut into bars.

Oh, so yummy!!!!
I look forward to adding Viva Labs Ground Flaxseed to many more recipes, such as breads and other baked goods.  The Flaxseeds were provided to me at no cost.  I was not compensated for my opinion, and my opinion in this review is 100% my own.  I highly recommend Viva Labs Ground Flaxseed, based on my enjoyment of eating it.

@2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman

EDS & Dental Pain

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome was tough on me yesterday.  The day began at physical therapy, which is a good thing.  I was excited for the PT to help me strengthen my body, especially the hip muscles.  My problem with dizziness was pretty terrible.  After bending over, we had to take a break, because the room was spinning.  After we finished the 30-minute therapy session, hubby drove me home to rest.

My next appointment was with the dentist…yuk.  Excuse me, but I really hate going to the dentist.  I had two small cavities that needed filling.  Cavities are a big problem for me and for many of us with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  Here are some dental facts found at the Ehlers Danlos National Foundation’s Website: 
·        Half of all EDS patients have a hypermobile tongue, and are able to touch at least the end of their nose with it easily. 

·        A high palate and crowded baby and adult teeth are common, even though many EDS patients have smaller than normal teeth. The high palate and smaller teeth can make fitting dentures very difficult even when explained to the dentist prior to the dentures being made. 

Pre-molar and molar teeth often have high cusps and deep fissures with root problems, and enamel hypoplasia can cause decay and possible early extractions. Sometimes teeth actually crumble when losing the enamel. 

·        Patients with Classical type offer suffer with juvenile periodontal disease. All EDSers are cavity prone, and have increased bleeding from anywhere in the oral cavity due to the fragility of tissues. Braces can cause problems as they can damage the gums and tongue while moving teeth quickly. 

·       TMJ (tempomandibular joint) pain and clicking occur in about 30% of the general population, and about the same incidence occurs in EDSers. Often if in a dental chair with your mouth open for an extended period of time, the joint will repeatedly sublux. Taking a pillow so you can prop your hand up to support your jaw during the procedure will prevent it from happening and also reduce your pain level from TMJ. 

·       Studies have proven that lidocaine (a local anesthetic used during dental procedures) often works poorly or not at all with EDS patients. 

·        Some people with EDS complain of always feeling like there is a lump in their throat when swallowing, and often have other swallowing and voice problems.  ( ©Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation, 2009 9

Since I was still having dizzy spells and my heart was racing, I explained it to the dentist.  He decided to use the numbing agent without epinephrine.  This worked well, but it does wear off much quicker. My teeth were hurting again within an hour and hurt all day and night.  Ouch!  

The other numbing shots that I usually get will last me about 8 hours.  (I really like that much better!)  I certainly have an EDS mouth.  I don’t even want to know how much money has been spent trying to hold my teeth together.  So many cavities… you would think I don’t take care of my teeth.  I’ve always brushed, flossed and visited my dentist.  Over the last ten years, my teeth have begun to just crumble.  

This morning I awoke with a terrible neck and headache.  It’s probably from the dental work or laying in the dentist chair.  It could be from the shot, or it could be from something else.  I’ve had more and more headaches lately.  This is not good, because it may mean that the increase in Topamax is not helping anymore.  That seems to be the pattern that I’ve experienced thus far.  I’ll need to start keeping a record and see.  

Whatever helps my pain or doesn’t work for me, I’ll have to accept and move on.  I hope and pray that these things that are provided can help me.  If they don’t, I’ll keep looking and ask God for His help and comfort in my pain.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 – Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort
Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert.  All information is my own opinion; if you need medical help consult your own personal physician. 
@2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman

Genesis 950 Concentrate Review: Super Cleaner

Do you hate cleaning?  You’ll love the Genesis 950 Concentrate.  Well, before I give you my opinion, let me tell you what I found when I reviewed the Genesis 950 Concentrate.  When I accept a review for a product, I don’t just read the material and write a post.  I try the product on a number of places in my home to see if I really have an opinion.  

With chemical products I’m usually a little nervous, because I’m chemically sensitive and could have a reaction.  I liked this American-made product, that did have a scent, but it was fairly mild.  It didn’t make me sick, but I can’t guarantee that for everyone.  The concentrate can be used at different strengths.  You can dilute it with water for a stronger or weaker mix, depending on what you are cleaning.  I learned the following at  Here are some of the things they list that can be cleaned with Genesis 950:
·       Floors
·       Appliances
·       Counters
·       Cabinets
·       Clothing/Uniforms
·       Shoes/Boots
·       Microfiber
·       Suede/Leather
·       Engines/Transmissions
·       Wheels/Grills/Machinery
·       Tools
·       Granite/Marble
The website states that Genesis 950 doesn’t contain alcohol, ammonia or bleach and claims to be Eco-friendly.  These are the items listed that it can safely remove:
·       Grease/Grime
·       Soot
·       Ink
·       Tar
·       Vegetable Oils
·       Insect Residue
I don’t have carpet or pets, but it the product gives directions to  clean carpets and pet stains.  I’m sure this would be wonderful to have!  Though I didn’t try it, the website says you can even use it in Steam cleaners and Rug Doctors.  
Since Spring is right around the corner, I’m starting to do some cleaning.  With my weak shoulders, I don’t have the strength to scrub and scrub.  This product made it easy to clean.  I just sprayed the Genesis 950 on and took a sponge right to it.  The area came clean right away.  The sink and shower projects  were so easy.  This was wonderful for someone who doesn’t have good strength.

Shower: before
Shower: after
Shiny and Clean!
Sink: Before 
 Sink: After

Thanks, Genesis 950 Concentrate! Now, when it stops snowing, I’ll go outside and Spring Clean my patio furniture with Genesis 950 Concentrate.  I would definitely recommend this cleaner to my readers.  
Disclosure: I received 1 Gallon of this product, in order to perform the review.  I did not receive any other compensation.  All opinions are 100% mine, and you may or may not agree with me.
@2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman

Happy Hips

Today began so early!  I set my alarm for 5:45, but kept waking up throughout the night in anticipation of the appointment.  This was my Physical Therapy appointment hip evaluation, which I’ve been waiting for with excitement.  About a month ago, I finally got an order from the orthopedist for the PT to work on my hips being out of joint.   They’ve been out of joint ever since I stopped wearing my back brace when I was a teenager.


At that point my hips hurt all the time, but it was usually just one side.  As I’ve gotten older, both sides now hurt and the pain is worse.  The pain is severe and makes it hard to stand for very long and also hard to walk.  I work hard to walk normally, and not limp.
The appointment was wonderful.  My PT spent time asking me many questions.  Then she measured my legs and checked to see about the rotation.  My legs weren’t actually unequal, but my hips were rotated.  Of course, she said mine were rotated in the opposite direction than all the women she had ever seen.  (Why am I not surprised?)  haha
After many discussions, stretches, and such, she showed me how to “put my hips back in place”.  This was amazing and it worked!!!  This won’t be permanent, but I will be able to do it when they go out again.  I will continue to do exercises to strengthen the core and hips.  There will be more appointments to learn more exercises.

My shoulder PT appointments are nearing a close, and have been very successful.  My pain is much less and the muscles around the shoulders are stronger.  I will need to continue these exercises forever.  Thankfully, this PT gym is available to me forever.  Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is a condition that can be treated with Physical Therapy.  PT doesn’t cure EDS, but it helps with the pain and can help to stabilize the joints that are lax.
Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert.  All medical information is just my personal opinion.  If you need medical help, do not follow my advice; consult your personal physician.
@2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman

Psoriasis and the Heart

Last year I wrote about Psoriasis Awareness.  That post was mainly to define psoriasis and tell readers about the Awareness Month that comes each August.  Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that began attacking my skin about four years ago.  When it first started appearing, it was on my neck, shoulders and eyelids.  After steroid treatment knocked that down, it reappeared on my ankle, elbows, and lower back.  These places were very severe and hard to treat. 

 As I saw different doctors, I was given different opinions.  But, the final diagnosis and treatment was steroid cream.  This only worked to keep it calmed down.  When I was finally diagnosed with Mast Cell Disorder and prescribed oral medications with the steroid cream, did the Psoriasis finally heal.


There are always new outbreaks, as I’m now having it in other places.  But, I do have ways to treat this disorder.  Autoimmune diseases are not something you can forget about.  There are many steps to take care of yourself.  If you don’t follow the steps to protect your skin, bad results will come.
As I read more about Psoriasis, I’m reminded that it’s not just a simple skin condition.  I need to be taking care of the entire body, because Psoriasis can damage my organs.  Here are some facts presented by the Psoriasis Foundation: Many with psoriasis (30%) will develop Psoriatic Arthritis.  Some studies have shown an increase in cancer in those with Psoriasis.  Those with severe psoriasis could be 58% more at risk for a major cardiac event and 43% more at risk for stroke.  (

These studies are pretty shocking to me.  (The Psoriasis Foundation has so much information for you to read. if you are interested.)  Being middle-aged, I know that being heart-healthy is extremely important for every woman desiring a long and healthy life.  
Having so many chronic health problems, makes it very difficult for me to exercise.  It’s worrisome for me to think about my aging cardiovascular system, knowing that I haven’t exercised in four years.  I will really have to Fight like a Girl if I’m going to make it back to exercising!!!!  I hope the physical therapist can get me going 
Disclosure: I am not a medical expert.  All information is presented as my personal opinion, or shared from a website.  If you are unwell or have medical questions, please consult your personal physician. @2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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