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Monday, November 7, 2016

How the Dentist See Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Another trip to the dentist…..Ugh!  Almost every time that I go to the dentist, there is something wrong.  Today was starting out rough, because my appointment was early in the morning.  When I don’t have an hour to recover after my shower, it’s terrible trying to go somewhere.  My heart was racing and I was sweating, but I made it on time.  The hygienist was unusually good.  She asked me all about Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  She actually knew what it was and commented on my teeth having the signs of EDS.

She was very interested in EDS and pointed out my high cusps and deep fissures.  In EDS, these qualities can cause problems.  The high cusps and deep fissures are prone to cavities.  Teeth also tend to be fragile.  My teeth are certainly like this.  I’ve had teeth crumble in my mouth, and many cavities are present.  I have fillings, caps, crowns, and a root canal.  My over-bite is severe, even though I wore braces when I was young.

Now I have two tiny cavities that need filling in January.  Having them filled is very traumatic, because of holding my mouth open for so long.  This causes my TMJ pain to become horrible.  Each time I’ve had a cavity filled, my (face) TMJ inflames and the pain lasted for two weeks or longer.  I also have to have two or three shots during treatment, because the numbing medication wears off too fast.

Here are a few other manifestations of EDS: many pulp stones and short/deformed roots, anomalies of tissues, and early periodontitis.  Those with vascular EDS also have a vaulted, narrow palate.  They also have risk of bleeding during treatments.  I’m thankful that I don’t have vascular EDS.
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Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert, and this post doesn’t contain medical advice.  These are only my opinions.  If you need medical help, please consult your personal physician/dentist.

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