My Perfect Kitchen Appliance

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How often do you use a blender in your kitchen?  Are you a smoothie fan?  Blenders are one of my favorite kitchen tools, because they're so versatile.


My cheap blender was great for simple milk shakes and soft smoothies, but quickly stalled for heavy-duty blending.  This caused me to check into a stronger blender, and I settled on the Vitamix.

I've heard for many years about the quality workhorse, Vitamix.  This mixer always has had the reputation of being the Super-Mixer!  When I read reviews and saw commercials and ads, this created a real desire to purchase one for myself.

The price for a top-ranked Vitamix is very expensive and I was very hesitant to make this purchase.  My husband and I talked it over, and he agreed that it was worth the price if it could do all the work it promised.

So, we ordered our Vitamix.  This is a huge blender!  And, I was ready to give it a workout.  I decided to start with a simple smoothie.  Using frozen, chopped fruit and coconut milk, I proceeded to follow the easy directions.


The smoothie was just as smooth and creamy as I imagined!  My favorite thing about this mixer is the cleaning instructions.  All I had to do was add a little hot water and a drop of dish soap.  After blending this mixture, the Vitamix was ready to rinse and use again.

After the smoothie was such a success, I tried to juice.  I made an apple and carrot juice by following the easy-to-follow directions.  When I finished the process, I had a delicious and healthy drink that satisfied.  There was no wasted pulp to throw away and all the fiber and nutrients ended up in my glass.

My Vitamix came with a beautiful, hardback recipe book.  It offers recipes for: Beverages, soups, dressings, dips and sauces.  My favorite recipe sections are the breads, batters, and desserts.  Because the Vitamix can also chop, grind and even knead bread dough, it's the perfect kitchen appliance!

I am truly sold on the Vitamix's power and quality.  It's also an attractive appliance to sit out on my kitchen counter.  This could make a wonderful gift for someone you love. In the future, I expect to enjoy many more delicious and nutritious drinks with my Vitamix.
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