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  1. Lisa? where can w find winners namds for contests?. we entered everyday for that new years giveaway of 1500.00 for 3 winners and have checked now for weeks after the ending date but cannot see any winners listed on the refflecopter nor find any section that names any winners ? Thanks!

    1. Hi! I've just emailed the host to see what's going on. The host's lack of timely responses has already caused me to decide against co-hosting for her anymore. I hope to hear back from her, but in the last few weeks, she never has replied to any of my messages. I'm sorry that this delay has occurred, and I will continue to try to find out who won. Thanks, Sherry.

  2. Thank so much Lisa!! Your The best!! I love your blog and you do a lot for all of us here! We sure appreciate you!

  3. Thanks! I really want to offer y'all great things, here. I just received a response that the Winner's List will be emailed to me tonight. I will be on that :)


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