Good, Bad, and Ugly

Yesterday, I really tried to post.  I just couldn’t do it.  The day started so wonderfully!  I felt pretty good, even though I was cracking and creaking in my joints.  By the time we arrived at church, things started to change.  When I tilted my head forward the room was spinning.  I tried to hold my head very still, but those little dizzy spells got more and more common.

The service was uplifting and I praised the Lord for all His goodness and grace to me.  I felt so grateful to be able to attend church, because many times I just can’t go.  I’m learning that singing seems to be the catalyst for a headache.  For years, I would go to church and leave with a headache.  I thought, at first, it was all the perfume and hairspray that I was smelling.  But, now I think it is my singing.

I don’t sing loud or really strain, but now I can tell that the singing seems to be the cause.  I try to sing very light and relax my vocal chords as I sing.  I also try to stay in my range and not aim for those high notes.  I think that may be the key.

The dizziness got worse towards the end of the service and I had to lay my head on my husband’s shoulder and lean on him as we walked to the car.  I also suggested we eat out, because I didn’t feel like cooking.  We stopped by for lunch at a great little Italian place we love.  My delicious fish sandwich didn’t agree with me.

As I started to feel weird, I knew it was time for benadryl.  I don’t dare put it off, or I will likely go into anaphylactic shock. The antihistamine does a real number on me.  After only one pill, I’m done with functioning for 24 hours.  I know the doctors say that’s not possible, but that’s how it affects me.  I get very groggy and sleepy.

After that comes a few hours of total grumpiness.  I just feel horrible and need to be put in a room by myself.  Noises, lights, music, and people-in-general make me annoyed.  I really shouldn’t talk to anyone during this time, because I’m just not nice!

Today, I woke late and feel like my old self.  I have pain and a headache, but at least I’m not grumpy.  My oldest son had loaded the dishwasher for me and cleaned a little bit in the kitchen.  What a wonderful thing to do for his mom!  So, yesterday I experienced the good, bad, and ugly.  I’m afraid I was the ugly…..  Oh, well.


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