How Busy Are Your Kids?

I’m not trying to be controversial here.  I try never to mind other people’s business, especially in family matters.  Each family gets to make their own choices.  There are many opinions about how busy children should be.  Kids have unlimited after-school opportunities.  

When I was growing up (back in the stone age) we had plenty of choices, but nothing like today.  As a child, I participated in piano lessons, girl scouts, and many church programs.  In the summer, we took tennis lessons and swimming was a big part of the season.  We also did chores in the garden, mowed grass, and washed cars.


When my children were little, we were faced with so many choices.  My children played all the little-league sports: T-ball, soccer, basketball, and football.  My daughter also participated in ballet, gymnastics, violin, piano, and voice lessons.  
Because my children were five years apart in age, we didn’t have any overlapping schedules (most of the time).  We let them pick one activity to do at a time.  In this way, they could try all the fun sports at least once.  Usually one of the activities fit well with their abilities.  Then we could put more focus on what they loved most.
Kids soccer

All these activities cost our family time and money, but it was worth it to us.  I know other families who don’t participate in outside activities for various reasons.  Sometimes, if the family is large, there is no way to work out the logistics involved in sports or dance lessons.  Some families just can’t afford private lessons.  Many large families have an advantage of size: they can form teams at home or play games together.  
I’ve found that there are many activities for children and families that don’t cost any thing at all.  My son absolutely loved a Young Adult book club at our local library.  Most cities have free fun activities for children, through the Park and Rec departments.  Churches also provide fun activities and opportunities for service.
Busy football

Whatever you choose for your children is great, because all families are unique.  Enjoy their young years, because they pass so very quickly. 
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Why We Decided To Homeschool

We all probably have many different reasons for making the decision to homeschool our children.  I am a Christian, and wanting to give my children an education from a Biblical perspective is certainly one reason to make this choice.

Homeschool banner

 My husband and I began our homeschool journey 22 years ago.  Our primary reason for this was because our first child experienced bullying.  Even in kindergarten, a child can feel bullied.  

Although I had a degree in music education, I certainly didn’t feel ready to take on the job of teacher for my son.  We chose ABeka curriculum because it was easy for me to follow, as a teacher.  

I loved having all the lesson plans ready to use and everything was scheduled and organized.  This curriculum fit my learning style and I felt very comfortable using it.

  Thankfully, my oldest child learned easily and seemed content to fill out worksheets all day long.  When I started homeschooling, there wasn’t an internet for me to access.  There were books to read and conventions to attend.  

I think I read every book available at the time and learned all I could.  I also attended some state conventions.  It was great to browse through all the offerings in the convention center.  Vendors were everywhere, and it was so tempting and exciting!  I was a real curriculum junky.

Homeschool three children

My second child was a perfect example of ADHD.  I soon learned that traditional style books and learning weren’t going to work for her.  We found the KONOS curriculum and it was a great fit for her.  She enjoyed all the hands-on learning and excelled in this program.  
Our third child was very smart and learned easily.  He has used an eclectic mix of curriculum.  He’s a great student. During the 22 years, we took a few breaks.  My daughter actually finished her last three years in a Christian school and loved it.  My sons had a year or two in school, also.  

Homeschooling that long caused the teacher to burn out from all the work and stress.  We came back to it, though.  God has helped us and has provided hubby a good job to provide for our needs. 
What was your reason for homeschooling?  Whatever it was, I hope and pray that God blesses you and your family as you attempt this wonderful lifestyle.  
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Homeschool Transcripts

Are you concerned with the task of creating a high school transcript?  Don’t worry, there are numerous helps available.  Many of them are free.  

Donna Young offers samples that you can use as a template.  She also has tons of other free templates and information to help you to organize, plan, and keep homeschool records.

 HSLDA has a terrific amount of information regarding transcripts, also.  They also have links to each state and the information you will need to homeschool where you live. 

You can spend hours (or days) checking all the information they have to offer. When I homeschooled my first child, I used a professional educator to design his transcripts.  I was a little nervous about the college admission process.  There wasn’t a need to do it that way, but there certainly are people who can help you.  

Some services, like the one I used, was a private Christian school.  It was a sort of umbrella school, and the diploma and transcripts were published by this umbrella school.  It appeared very professional.  But, now I feel confident enough to do the transcript by myself.

 There are many good books and websites that offer everything that you need to know.  I’m not recommending them.  But, feel free to check them out! 

@2013, copyright Lisa Ehrman