Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Fingers

Now that my fingers are dislocating in the joints, the Ring Splints are really helping to prevent pain.  Now that I have a thumb brace and a right pinky splint, its a little bit noticeable when I wear them both.  Yesterday, I had another appointment getting measured for two more ring splints.  My right index finger has been dislocating a lot the last month.  I want to get it braced before the knuckle gets huge.  My pinky got so big before it was braced.

My left middle finger was also measured for a middle knuckle splint.  Im sure these two ring splints are going to be unnoticeable (sarcasm).  The Hand Therapist noticed that my left pinky looked deformed and needed bracing.  Even though I don't feel it dislocating, its just very loose.  You can push on it (like a rubber finger) and it gives easily.  I already ordered a plastic ring splint that fits.  She also showed me how to sleep in the right hand ring splint, too.  She said that would keep it from getting more and more deformed.

All of this is disheartening, as I see the future of my hands being covered in ring splints.  I'm glad that they're available, but they're expensive.  They're also hard to fit, and I can tell that I'm going to have trouble with swelling.  Insurance doesn't cover these lovely little splints.  I guess I'll have shiny fingers.  I wish they made these for my toes!
@2015, copyright Lisa Ehrman


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