Happy Hips

Today began so early!  I set my alarm for 5:45, but kept waking up throughout the night in anticipation of the appointment.  This was my Physical Therapy appointment hip evaluation, which I’ve been waiting for with excitement.  About a month ago, I finally got an order from the orthopedist for the PT to work on my hips being out of joint.   They’ve been out of joint ever since I stopped wearing my back brace when I was a teenager.


At that point my hips hurt all the time, but it was usually just one side.  As I’ve gotten older, both sides now hurt and the pain is worse.  The pain is severe and makes it hard to stand for very long and also hard to walk.  I work hard to walk normally, and not limp.
The appointment was wonderful.  My PT spent time asking me many questions.  Then she measured my legs and checked to see about the rotation.  My legs weren’t actually unequal, but my hips were rotated.  Of course, she said mine were rotated in the opposite direction than all the women she had ever seen.  (Why am I not surprised?)  haha
After many discussions, stretches, and such, she showed me how to “put my hips back in place”.  This was amazing and it worked!!!  This won’t be permanent, but I will be able to do it when they go out again.  I will continue to do exercises to strengthen the core and hips.  There will be more appointments to learn more exercises.

My shoulder PT appointments are nearing a close, and have been very successful.  My pain is much less and the muscles around the shoulders are stronger.  I will need to continue these exercises forever.  Thankfully, this PT gym is available to me forever.  Ehlers Danlos Syndrome is a condition that can be treated with Physical Therapy.  PT doesn’t cure EDS, but it helps with the pain and can help to stabilize the joints that are lax.
Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert.  All medical information is just my personal opinion.  If you need medical help, do not follow my advice; consult your personal physician.
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