Psoriasis and the Heart

Last year I wrote about Psoriasis Awareness.  That post was mainly to define psoriasis and tell readers about the Awareness Month that comes each August.  Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that began attacking my skin about four years ago.  When it first started appearing, it was on my neck, shoulders and eyelids.  After steroid treatment knocked that down, it reappeared on my ankle, elbows, and lower back.  These places were very severe and hard to treat. 

 As I saw different doctors, I was given different opinions.  But, the final diagnosis and treatment was steroid cream.  This only worked to keep it calmed down.  When I was finally diagnosed with Mast Cell Disorder and prescribed oral medications with the steroid cream, did the Psoriasis finally heal.


There are always new outbreaks, as I’m now having it in other places.  But, I do have ways to treat this disorder.  Autoimmune diseases are not something you can forget about.  There are many steps to take care of yourself.  If you don’t follow the steps to protect your skin, bad results will come.
As I read more about Psoriasis, I’m reminded that it’s not just a simple skin condition.  I need to be taking care of the entire body, because Psoriasis can damage my organs.  Here are some facts presented by the Psoriasis Foundation: Many with psoriasis (30%) will develop Psoriatic Arthritis.  Some studies have shown an increase in cancer in those with Psoriasis.  Those with severe psoriasis could be 58% more at risk for a major cardiac event and 43% more at risk for stroke.  (

These studies are pretty shocking to me.  (The Psoriasis Foundation has so much information for you to read. if you are interested.)  Being middle-aged, I know that being heart-healthy is extremely important for every woman desiring a long and healthy life.  
Having so many chronic health problems, makes it very difficult for me to exercise.  It’s worrisome for me to think about my aging cardiovascular system, knowing that I haven’t exercised in four years.  I will really have to Fight like a Girl if I’m going to make it back to exercising!!!!  I hope the physical therapist can get me going 
Disclosure: I am not a medical expert.  All information is presented as my personal opinion, or shared from a website.  If you are unwell or have medical questions, please consult your personal physician. @2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman


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