Everyone Needs Prayer

When our friends lost their home this past week, everything we were doing just stopped.  We grieved with them and wanted to help them.  Thankful to be alive and having a place to live now,  people were reaching out from everywhere to meet their needs.  On the first day, I was preparing a large meal to feed them.  There would be 8 people there, and I wanted them to have some leftovers.  They also have some food allergies, too.


Thursday morning I began cooking fairly early in the morning, but took regular breaks.  I knew this would be painful for my back, because of my scoliosis.  My shoulders (Ehlers Danlos) were also very painful and my finger joints were sliding around.  I wore all my ring splints and took all my pain pills.  I’m not complaining, but when I have to stand up long or do work in the kitchen I know it will be very painful to me.
I had a large healthy meal ready on time and Hubby and I took the food to them.  It was a very emotional get-together filled with sadness.  Many prayers will be prayed for our dear friends.  I’m so thankful that good friends from all over are offering them help.  This couple is very kind and are very thankful for the help.
Prayer cook

Since that day, I’ve been in extreme pain.  My lower back and shoulders are very unhappy with me.  Even days later, I’m not back to where I was.  I had been doing so much better on my new medicine.  Even Hubby is surprised at my regression.  I’m really surprised that I have to remind him that after cooking from 8am-5pm, I’m going to be exhausted for quite a few days.  He forgets, too.  I don’t say all of this for pity.  Some people might say, don’t make meals for others if it’s going to make you so sick.  Sometimes I wonder if that is the right approach.  But, for certain situations, helping others in a physical way is just too important.
Of course, most of the time, I have to turn down physical ministry to others.  I won’t be signing up for Habitat for Humanity any time soon.  I did participate in physical ministry to others quite often when I was younger and healthier.  As a blogger, I find that prayer is a ministry that I can participate in very simply.  Everyone needs prayer.
@2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman


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