Chronic Illness Is Enough: I Don't Need More Stress

Chronic illness brings a level of stress with it, naturally.  You worry about each day.  Finances are many times stressful.  The future is frightening; not knowing how much worse your health will get.  The list of stressors is very long when you suffer with chronic health problems.

Now that the country is dealing with so many events that cause us worry and stress, such as terrorism and uncertainty, it’s even more difficult for those of us with chronic illness.  
When our bodies are under a daily burden of physical stress and then become bombarded with mental or emotional stress, it can be a severe problem.  It’s important that we find a way to release this stress and not hold it in to do damage.
Most of us know this and have found various ways to cope with stress.  We’ve read articles and heard how we should mediate/pray, exercise, have hobbies, or watch a funny movie to help get rid of some of the stress in our lives.  Lately, with life getting overwhelming, we may need to add one or more things to our stress-fighting bag.
When I go to my pain-management doctors, they always recommend that I visit a Pain-Psychologist.  I haven’t made that a priority, but it probably would be a very good way to work on relieving stress.  

I know some people get angry or sad when stress gets overwhelming and they need more human contact.  If you’re unable to visit those you love, you could call your friends or family or skype them.
Another good thing to do might be to check out an interest you’ve had, such as music or art.  Your city probably has cheap or free classes for art where you could also meet  other people.  
You could listen to or play music.  Try something new or an old favorite.  Praying is my favorite, because God’s peace is powerful in my life when I spend time in prayer.
Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or psychologist, but these recommendations are my opinion.  If you need medical help, please consult your personal physician.
@2016, copyright Lisa Ehrman


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