Dog Treat Review

Dog Treat Review: Healthy Edibles

Our dog, Archie, loves treats!  The only problem is that he eats them so fast!  I’ve been on the search for a bone or chewing treat that would last for a while.  We tried some of the nylon bones, but he was eating them instead of chewing them.  Then, I read that rawhide isn’t healthy for dogs, either.

We bought a heavy real-bone, but he kept taking it to the couch and dropping it on the floor.  The floors got dents and that was not acceptable.  I started looking online and found Healthy Edibles.  So, I decided to give them a try.

The best deal I could find was the large box from Nylabone.  These treats have some great features, such as:
  • Longer-Lasting, Highly Digestible Formula
  • Gluten-Free
  • No added sugar or salt, artificial preservatives or colors
  • They come in 4 sizes, depending on the size of your dog.

I ordered the petite size for my small dog.
So, here’s how it went.  When Archie was being a good dog, I offered him one of these treats.  He went crazy for it, jumping up and down in excitement.  He ran over to his favorite spot on the couch and began licking and biting the bone.

I set the timer to see how long it would last.  He was chewing so fast, but kept looking up at me, as if to say “thank you”.  Aren’t dogs adorable?  He chewed and chewed, not taking any breaks.  He stayed in that one spot and ate the bone in exactly 6 minutes.

I wouldn’t exactly call that a “long-lasting” treat, but he did love it.  And, I love that it’s recommended by vets, and is healthy for him.  I certainly don’t want my dog trying to eat toxic treats!  We’ll space out these treats, so that they’re affordable.  But, I’ll be buying more of these for Archie and he’ll be glad!

Disclaimer:  This isn’t a sponsored post.  I purchased these treats myself and these are my honest opinions of the product.  There is an affiliate link in this post.

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