And I Am Helped

The weekend is here and I'm reflecting on all the answers to prayer that can be celebrated.  My experiences with Zonegran have brought much joy!  I'm now at a full dose, which has resulted in no seizure events.  This is a blessing beyond words!  The seizure events, which I had called spells, were truly ruining my life.  They were occurring all throughout the day and had prevented me from accomplishing anything or even leaving my home.

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Being a prisoner in my home and of my pajamas was not a enjoyable life, but now I seem to be free!  As I progressed up to a full dose, my symptoms were disappearing.  Now, I'm having no events at all and the world is a much happier place.  Praise be to God.  I really hope that this continues.

During these days of feeling better, I've been able to do more housework, cooking and dishes.  Do you know how much fun that is?  I actually went in the dollar store yesterday and bought a birthday card.  Do you know how much fun that was?

When I went to the imaging center this week, the rain had just stopped.  Everything around me was so green.  The trees were  blooming, the grass was a deep green and the grey sky set off the color.  I was overcome with the beauty of it all.  I hadn't been outside in so long!  I just praised God for His creation.  Our town-home is short on windows, so seeing the vast green field and trees almost took my breath away!

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When you're accustomed to suffering 24/7, this wonderful relief is unbelievably good.  I still have aches and pains, but the spells are gone.  It would be great to bottle up this feeling!

Ps. 28:7 The Lord is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, and with my song I shall thank Him.


  1. Lisa, I am so glad your medication is working for you and that you are able to be out and about. That's amazing! I completely get it about the "good days!" Praise the Lord!

    1. Thanks! I'm so thankful. I pray that you'll have some of those good days, too!

    2. Thanks, Lisa. His grace is sufficent. There are some days that require more grace. Today was one of them. John was gone all day and looking forward to having dinner and grocery shopping. Instead, he made a Hardees run and ran a load of laundry. So tonight, Grace looks like John Purdy! <3

    3. I have to smile, because I think I've had days like that, too. Our husbands must think the same. But, I'm soooo thankful for their help. They do so much, and sometimes they have to do everything. God gave us the best, didn't He :)

  2. He did and I am so grateful! :-)


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