Medicine Trial: No 23

Could this be the right medicine?  Is the neurologist right?  As I wrote about two weeks ago, I started taking a new seizure medication.  Zonegran is the medication I'm gradually increasing for focal and partial seizures.
Medicine Trial

For a long time, I've been having 6+ events every day which are making my life unbearable.  I also have had a return of de ja vus that are mostly creepy and unnerving.  During this second week of medication I'm at a 2/3rd dose.  My events have decreased greatly.  I'm having 1 or 2 events each day.  I haven't had a de ja vu in about 4 days.

I'm feeling very anxious but encouraged.  I had hoped this was POTS and not Epilepsy.  But, epilepsy has a better way of treatment.  POTS treatment is very poor.  If this medication continues to keep the events/seizures from occurring, I will be beyond thrilled!   Whatever I have, I just want to be able to have a treatment that works and doesn't cause me worse side-effects than the actual problem.

With chronic illness, I've had too many medication trials that were horrific!  The side-effects made me terribly ill.  Some of them I gave up, and some I suffered through, hoping for some help.  When people see us, they have no idea what we go through trying these awful drugs.  Many times we have a more drug-sensitive body than most.  I over-react to almost everything.  It may be because of my Mast-Cell Syndrome or my Autoimmune Disorder.

Zonegran isn't bothering too much.  I do feel drowsy and a little cranky.  When I get a real irritable feeling coming, I just tell Hubby that I can't talk right now.  I've learned the hard way that it's better to be quiet than to say things that I'll regret.  And, medication can make you do dumb things, especially when you're adjusting to it.  I really messed up my blog because of doubling my dose and staying up all night.

I hope and pray that my symptoms will be stopped with this drug.  This will be such an answer to prayer!  If these are actual seizures, they have ruined my life for far too long.  I can only pray that the medicine will work well and long!  If you're going through medicine trials or other trials, I hope you'll trust in God to get you to the other side of them.  He's the only one strong enough.  God bless.

@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman


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