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Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!  Mother's Day is to be a celebration and a day to honor mothers.  That is really a huge statement!  We're all either mothers or have mothers, so Mother's Day affects everyone.  I hope you have a peaceful and love-filled day.

celebrate mom

Many of you have a chronic illness, like me.  Chronic illness isn't our choice, but it does bring along many problems.  But, no one said that mothering was easy or uncomplicated.  Some mothers have a child with a chronic illness.  Some mothers have a chronic illness.  Sometimes both have chronic illnesses, like me.  Whatever you live with, is your normal.  Moms just do what we need to do.

When your life is surrounded by chronic illness, you can't just forget about it on Mother's Day.  You don't get a day off.  Your chronic disease could care less that you want a special day.  You still will feel pain or fatigue or whatever.  But, your family can still celebrate you and what you mean to them.

I know many of my readers also are homeschooling their children.  This is a life that parents choose that make mom's life very tough!  When mom decides to do this for her children, it's because she wants to do it.  But, her life will forever be changed.  In order to do this well, mom will be dedicated to working hard to prepare her children for life.

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Some moms homeschool with chronic illness.  This is the mom that I really hope to write to.  She is the one who has followed a call from God, and won't turn back.  I've been living this life.  It's tough, but it's a great life.  I say this in the most humble way, because it wasn't my first choice, but God allowed me to do it.  I hope to encourage anyone else who is struggling with chronic illness and homeschooling.  God will be with you and give you everything that you need.

All of our kids are a gift.  When God blesses us with a child, and we become mothers, our lives change forever.  Whether your children are in regular school or homeschool, the day set aside for Moms is special.  I hope that it is special for you.

Happy Mother's Day
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