Facing the Facts

My Bone Density test results show that I have Osteopenia in my left hip, neck and lower spine.  Having another health problem has hit me really hard.  Since I come from a long line of small-boned white women on my mother's side, I always worried about Osteoporosis.  My mom also broke her hip and had it replaced.  Who knows how this will work for me, having Ehlers Danlos?  Feeling angry and overwhelmed was my first reaction to the news.


I didn't have time to focus on it long, because my allergy doctor appointment was coming next.  We arrived, and I had planned on a gentle and kind confrontation of sorts.  My allergy office has me seeing a nurse practitioner and various doctors.  The Mast Cell Disorder diagnosis was from the nurse practitioner and she gave me all the prescriptions: Zantac, 2 Zyrtec daily and Singular.  Over time, as I've read more on my own, I see that there should be many more tests done to diagnose MCAD.

So, today I asked her what was my actual diagnosis.  She was taken aback, and I didn't know why.  She said I had an auto-immune reaction.  I said, "Was this Mast cell disorder?"  She said it was.  Then, she said she would give me a print-out of all my diagnosis.  After I told her that the medicines weren't helping with the itching, she seemed bothered, and mentioned a referral.

Facts blood test

I'm a little confused now.  Do I have a Mast cell disorder?  On my written diagnosis form, she only wrote that I have itching.  Hmmm.  I don't like the looks of this.  Looks like I might need to find a second opinion.  I wish all of my health problems had clear tests, like the Osteopenia.  The bone density tests have clear tests numbers that offer up results.

I'm a person who likes to know the black and white of the situation.  I want to know the facts, and would rather face them.  What about you?
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  1. OH yes, I want to know facts and I am always frustrated when there isn't a direct test available but we start with the elimination what we don't have list...

    1. That's right. It's hard, isn't it?


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