HEAV Convention: Day 1

Coming to the HEAV Convention has been such a dream for me!  I've looked forward to it for months.  With all of my health problems, I was very afraid of my bodies lack of strength.  It was pretty foolish to think that I could walk around and stand up here, when I can't do it at home.

HEAV Convention Day 1

When I signed up months ago, I was hoping to improve.  With improvements in my medicine and then hoping to get back to exercise, I thought my ability to walk and stand would improve.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  My feet have been throbbing all day, and feel like there are knives in them now.  I was also pouring sweat and extremely dizzy.

I became severely dehydrated and nauseated.  What was I thinking?  I needed a wheelchair!  It's really confusing and sad to me, because I felt so at peace being here.  I spoke with at least 15 vendors and offered to help them promote their products.  I found some wonderful products and services which can really help you homeschool families and Christian families.

Logo-Selfie #HEAVcon Prize Game

Tomorrow, I will have to spend more of the day sitting through seminars and blogging about these.  I can share what I learn with you.  If I feel better, I'll visit as many vendors as possible.  Lots of rest tonight and prayers for a better day.  Whatever God gives is what I'll accept.
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