Homeschool Convention Countdown

Homeschool Convention countdown is flying!  Soon I'll be traveling to the HEAV Convention and blogging all through it to share with you all the exciting things going on!  I'm very excited about this coming weekend.  My plans are coming together and the packing has begun.

I'm breaking in my new, comfortable shoes.  The memory-foam feels very soft and I didn't even know shoes could be so light-weight!  I love them.  They should do very well.  My laundry is all done, too.
My pills are now up to the level that the doctor wanted.  The neurologist who thought that I'm having non-movement seizures could be right.  But, neither one of these medicines has done anything to help me feel better.  My symptoms are actually worse right now.  These symptoms will make attending a convention extremely difficult.  I get these events where I feel: hot, dizzy, nauseated, and my heart races.

Covering a huge convention hall on two floors (four actual buildings) and going back and forth from the hotel will be exhausting.  With Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, I will be in severe pain.  I may experience migraines.  Because of my Mast Cell Disorder, I must be careful with my diet.  If I eat something that I'm sensitive to, I could go into Anaphylactic Shock.  I don't want to have an allergic reaction and end up giving myself an epi-pen shot.  It's hard to find foods that I can eat.  I'm sensitive to many and most processed foods.

The pre-registration time is over, but you can still show up and register at the door.  To save $10 off the registration fees, use this code: FRIEND17.  I'll be bringing you up to date Convention news from Facebook and Twitter:


My twitter is @Lasehrman
My Facebook is Homeschool Insights  @Homeschoolinsights1

Well, I'll keep counting the days and praying for the grace to walk and have the strength that I need to last each day.  It will take a miracle for that to happen.
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  1. Good luck at the convention. I hope you find that you are able to manage OK.