Homeschool HEAV Convention: Day 2

Day 2 of the HEAV Homeschool Convention had so much to offer!  I didn't know where to start.  The session that  intrigued me most was presented by Simply Charlotte Mason.  This is a curriculum company that I was introduced to in my last two years of homeschooling.

I hadn't been familiar with the Charlotte Mason approach to education in my early years of homeschooling.  During my final two years of teaching, I used some of the narration ideas for writing in high school.  When I was sick in bed, it was an easy way for my child to narrate some of his history.  He and I both enjoyed this style of learning, and it was helpful for a chronically ill mom.

Day 2

After this session, I met some wonderful  homeschool vendors in the Exhibit Hall.  Some of them were companies that I was well acquainted with, and many were new to me.  All of them were fun to talk to and very welcoming.  I learned that the homeschool curriculum field is constantly growing to meet the specific needs of all types of homeschoolers.

It's important to do a little research before making those important purchases.  You should find out who is behind the curriculum.  Find out who are the writers and what is their worldview.  Do they have any credentials?  Do your research and learn what educational terms really mean, and don't just get caught up with colorful packaging.

I also heard two more speakers: Kristen Eckenwiler and Kathie Morrisey.  They gave interesting and inspirational talks about children and homeschooling.  I've heard nothing but great things about all of the speakers from everyone!  It's so hard to choose from the super line-up! There were 24 sessions going on at the same time!

Logo Selfie

The Used Curriculum Sale is unbelievable, from what I hear.  I'll try to get over there tomorrow.  This is where moms sell their used books and then, buy other used books (if they desire).  It is HUGE!  It opened this morning and the crowd was terrific.  Our leader said it was just like Black Friday, and he felt a little frightened :)  I'm sure he was only kidding.  But, seriously.  You can get some amazing deals on curriculum in there!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of the #HEAVcon.  It will be a busy place!  Graduation will be taking place.  My child graduated here and it was fabulous!  There will be proud graduates and families flooding the convention center, as well as the convention sessions and Exhibit Hall, too!  So much excitement.

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