Homeschool HEAV Convention Day 3

Wow!  What an incredible experience!  Day 3 was amazing!  The final day in Richmond, Virginia was filled with a variety of events.  So much happened.  Today at the convention there was a Musical Competition, High School Graduation for any homeschooled student in the state of Virginia, sessions galore, the Used Curriculum Sale, and the Exhibition Hall.

Homeschool HEAV Convention

I couldn't attend everything, so I focused on visiting as many events as I could.  In the morning, I enjoyed checking out the lobby.  The HEAV main table had some of the best resources available to homeschool families.  Many of these books are tried-and-true, and I've read them myself.  There are also some new ones.  They can be found on the HEAV website, too.

I enjoyed hearing the live music played on the baby grand in the same area.  What a treat for attendees to hear live music streaming through the lobby and also up into the second story.  There was glorious piano music as well as choral selections, and small instrumental chamber music.  It brought such a peaceful and sometimes worshipful experience.  With the acoustics, the voices sometimes sounded like an angelic chorus!

Visiting more of the friendly vendors in the Exhibit Hall was so enjoyable.  I was pacing myself, because of the severe pain in my feet and back.  After a few visits, I would rest and drink a lot of G2.  Then, I would talk to more people.  I've never met more wonderful people!  The new companies I found had some very creative ideas for teaching various subjects in a proven educational method.  They just had a new and fun way to do it.  I'll enjoy helping to promote their products.

After this, I was so glad to have Hubby show up.  He checked me out of the hotel and put my bags in the car.  He also was able to pull my cart around, which saved a lot of my energy!  From then on, my body seemed to be able to regulate it's temperature much better.

We attended a wonderful session with Kathi Lipp.  She spoke about getting organized, and Hubby and I really need to do better with this.  We found her to be a great speaker and funny, too.  She has great ideas and books, too. The important Biblical focus to her session was great, and that encouraged and challenged me.  I'll be following her to learn more and improve my organization skills.

After this, the convention hosted the Graduation Ceremony and there were still sessions and everything was still going on.  Children's programs, teen programs, photography classes, chess competitions, science labs, and the HUGE used curriculum sale was wrapping up.  If you didn't make it this year, put it on your calendar for next year.  You will be glad that you did!

I'm so thankful for the many years that the HEAV leaders have served our state.  The amount of work that it takes to bring this together is unmeasurable!  But, this organization is a gift that can't be measured.  The effects of their efforts won't be known until they reach Heaven, but it is, no-doubt, great.  I'm eternally grateful for the many years that HEAV has blessed and enriched my life and the lives of my family.
@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. Sounds like you had a good time!

    1. Thanks, yes, I did. It was a great experience! I hope you had a wonderful weekend :)