HSLDA Online Classes for Homeschool: Review

There are many ways that homeschool students can take high-school courses online.  When I discovered the HSLDA Online Academy booth at the HEAV Convention, I was pleasantly surprised!  This was a new program to me.  HSLDA has such a vast amount of resources for homeschoolers.  They are known for being a Christian organization, but even secular homeschoolers can find resources, too.

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Each year that we homeschooled, we were members of this organization.  The support and member benefits would fill at least one post alone.  Please take the time to check this out and consider joining.
The online classes are taught by master teachers with many years of experience.   There are also AP classes available.  At the end of the AP classes, students can take the AP test and then possibly test out of early college classes.  Here are some of the HSLDA AP results in 2016:


Highlights: 306 total scores were reported for students who completed one or more of the nine AP® courses the Academy offered in 2015–16. Of those exam results, 30% were scores of 5 (the top AP® exam score), 86% were passing scores of 3 or above, and the average score was 3.72.

Here are the actual courses offered:

English & Writing: 
  • Foundations in Writing
  • English I: Literature & Writing
  • English II: World Literature & Writing
  • English III: American Literature & Writing
  • Coming 2018: British Literature & Writing
  • Logic & Critical Thinking
  • English Language & Composition
  • English Literature & Composition
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry
  • Calculus AB
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
Social Studies
  • iCitizen Live (Government)
  • Constitutional Law
  • U  S History
  • European History
  • World History
  • US Government & Politics
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
Classes are LIVE and INTERACTIVE 

Foreign Language
  • Spanish I
  • German I
  • Latin I
  • Spanish II
  • German II
  • Latin II
  • Spanish III
  • Latin III
Business & Economics
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Personal Finance & Accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics

Want Classes for FREE?

There are ways to refer your friends and earn FREE classes!  You can also earn FREE scholarship money to Patrick Henry College by taking these classes!

Well, now that you've seen a little about the online classes offered, I hope you'll go online and see more about signing up for these classes for your homeschooling student.  I'm sure these challenging classes will inspire and motivate them to learn more!  
@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. Dear Ms. Ehrman,

    Would it be possible for you to review an advanced course of Mathematics for high school students presented at UNIZOR.COM?
    This is a completely free course that has no advertising. Its emphasis is problem solving and math as a tool to develop student's creativity, logic and analytical thinking.
    I have no financial interest offering it and consider this course as a purely philanthropic activity.

    I have almost finished it and plan to embark on advanced course of Physics for high school students.

    1. I would be glad to review this for you. Math is my weakness, but my son is a senior math major and I may have him help me a little :) Please email me with more specifics at chronicallycontent<@>gmailcom

  2. Home school is nice for some kids

    1. Yes, it does work well for some. Thanks, Rochelle!