New Garden: Stage 1

Hubby and I have been scratching our heads.  Our tiny town-home backyard has needed a makeover, but we're very limited as to what we're allowed to do.  We wanted to put a low, attractive fence so that Archie could play.  Fences aren't allowed.

Garden banner

The gentlemen who "mow" our lawn use weed-eaters and have broken our vinyl fencing at the bottom badly.  Since we've given up on it being replaced or repaired by the HOA, we have decided to cover it up with some landscaping.

In my younger, healthier days, I would have gone to the nursery and picked out my plants and done this all by myself.  I could have easily planted them, mulched them and hubby wouldn't need to worry with me planting flowers.  But, now this is something I could never do alone.

We decided to go with perennials, for obvious reasons.  After looking at pictures and descriptions online we headed to the store.  The prices were very high, and I quickly changed my plans to some cheaper options.  Living in retirement has given me even more flexibility in my decision making.  We purchased 5 pink Old Phlox, 2 Purple Cone Flower, a Butterfly Bush and Clematis.

With the weather showing a cool, wet spell approaching, we wanted to get the plants in the ground right away.  It was all I could do to walk around the store and pick out plants.  The heat and humidity was making me itch and feel very sick.  I came home and rested a few minutes, drinking a lot of G2.

We then changed clothes and went out back.  Hubby placed the plants out where we wanted them to be planted and I approved the placement.  I sat and watched as the dug the holes and drank more G2.  The heat gave me hives.  Today I'm in severe pain, but will rest.  Just bending over to water the plants was a chore for me.  I'm thankful for Hubby.  He took a few breaks, as the humidity was very high.  We soon realized that we would need a little bit of green filler in some spots.

I love the beauty of a cottage garden.  What's your favorite?

Overall, we are pleased with the base look of the plantings.  These plants will grow and spread!  The vine will grow up to 4 feet tall and flower, too.  When we get the rest of the plants and mulch, I'll show you the final look of our tiny backyard.

I hope you have a restful weekend and don't work too hard!  God bless.
@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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