New Garden: Stage 2

Our tiny little garden is doing well.  We're having a cool spell with mild evenings and low humidity.  We had a nice rain, too.  We needed a few plants to fill in while the plants grow and headed to the nursery.

I was very weak, but we found three small Baby's Breath plants and bought them.  They were very long and root-bound.  We cut them back a lot and cut the roots.  Hubby did this and planted them.  They're looking fine in the ground.  He continues to water everything.  

Since today is our 33rd anniversary, he worked hard yesterday to place mulch around the entire area.  There's nothing better than mulch to set off pink and purple flowers and greenery.  The colors are so much brighter and the garden looks finished.  This is a fine anniversary gift to us both.  We'll enjoy sitting on the patio and relaxing with such beauty to have around us.

In past years, we've spent so much more money on landscaping.  But, with a town-home, the flower garden and mulch was much cheaper.  We'll need to work a little harder to get the grass to grow, and then it will be just perfect.  
@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman

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