Amazon Prime Day Starts 10th at 9PM

Do you use Amazon Prime?  I've been a member for years.  As a homeschool mom, who lived for a few years in a very rural area, it was a life-saver!  It also saved me tons of money on everything that wasn't available at Wal-Mart.

Amazon Prime Day banner

As a chronically ill woman, who isn't able to shop or lift anything over 20 pounds, Amazon is the best!  With free shipping and huge savings on used books and comparison shopping, it's my favorite place to shop.  With college students, my kids have and still use Amazon for book purchases and rentals, too.  The selection is amazing!  New, used and rentals are great and the service is wonderful!  And, with students waiting until the last minute, 2-day shipping is perfect!

Students can get a 6-month Free Trial of Prime and I know my kids have their own membership.  They use it for their books and other shopping, too.  It's a wonderful deal.  Being members also allows them to get all the other Amazon Prime benefits.

Click on the Pic to check out the Student 6-Month Free Trial

Join for the 30-day Free Trial, and check out the great deals!.  You can click on any deals you like, and then you'll get notified when the deals are being offered.  This saves a lot of time!  Hope you find something great!
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