Day 2: Video EEG

Ah, the joys of living in the hospital....No matter what reason you are in the hospital, it is never easy.  The tests I'm having to see if my spells are epilepsy are very frustrating.

The doctor came to see me on the morning of Day 2.  This will be the doctor who diagnoses me, and I've never seen before.  He tries to understand all of my life's medical history in about 5 minutes.  After looking at one strip of tape from last night, he sees no epilepsy signs, while I had one spell last night.

I hear another patient get told the same thing even though they had a convulsive seizure.  This is a bit concerning.  But, I'm here to get definitive answers.  It may have to take more time.  Today I have been praying for lots of spells.  The doctor told me that lots of spells is what he needs to make a decision.

By evening, I've had 6 spells, with 2 of them being very strong.  They make me very tired.  Surely, he can get a yes or no from this data.  There either is epilepsy on the data or there isn't.  Right?

This day has been so dreadfully boring and miserable.  I've had headaches, backaches and crummy food.  The tv is out and my cell phone rejects the Wi-Fi.  The coffee is disgusting and I haven't had enough to keep away my headache.

The rules won't let me take my meds on my home schedule, and the nurses bring them hours after my meals.  I've begged to have them with my food.  So, I'm taking my meds at all new times of the day than when my body is accustomed to taking them.

I'm tethered to my bed, and am not often allowed to get up and down.  This is miserable, depressing and going to get me sicker.  If I have to stay here for a week, I'll probably get unable to write because the rants will become unreadable.

Praying for a better tomorrow is all I can do.  Day 3 could be the turn-around, or possibly the day to go home?  I'll keep looking forward to that wonderful day.
@2017, copyright Lisa Ehrman


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