Blessings in Spite of Misery

After meeting with my doctor this week, I felt ready to fight this kidney problem.  We discussed all the medicines that I'm taking, and which ones are hard on my kidneys.  She didn't think I was in the dangerous range, yet.  Kidney disease is diagnosed officially after one more test.  I'll be taking that in October.


After I stopped taking Topamax, Ranitidine, Zyrtec, and Singulair, I was hoping for less side-effects.  But, I'm suffering miserable withdrawal symptoms.  My nausea is through the roof and I also have heartburn.  The daily spells from earlier still attack me, too.  My pain helper, Tizanidine (muscle relaxer) is another medicine the doctor warned me about.  Since this is potentially toxic to the liver, she asked me to cut my dose in half.  I can certainly tell that my pain levels are much worse.

We're traveling this weekend and this isn't easy.  My pain levels are worse when riding in our small car.  Thankfully, this trip allows me to rest in the hotel most of the time.  We brought a child to a Christian retreat, where he is involved with other students.  He's had a wonderful time and heard great preachers.  I'm blessed to be able to make the trip.

Blessing waterfall

Monday is another doctor's appointment.  The rheumatologist will be very interested in my kidney numbers, and will be sent a copy.  I hope to find out about the possibility of a very slow wean of the Cymbalta medicine.  I've read that this drug can cause kidney damage, and I've been on it for 6 years.

So, every week is a new week.  I will continue to work on my diet and exercise.  I'll be letting you know more about that soon.  Even though this isn't the most cheerful post, I wanted to update everyone.  No matter how bad I feel with these chronic illnesses, I'm honestly grateful to be alive and spend time with my family.  Having the opportunity to help our child grow closer to God is the only real thing that matters.

Y'all have a wonderful weekend, ok?
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