Families With a 4th Grader Can Visit National Parks Free

Got a 4th Grader?  You've just hit the jackpot!  4th graders all across the country can get a free pass to enter parks and historic sites, and they can bring their family along!  Check out:

Every Kid in a Park  

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If your family has a 4th grader (or homeschool equivalent) you and your family can get a free pass to visit national parks close to you or those far away.  Just think of all the adventures you and your children could experience!  

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When you visit the Every Kid In a Park website, you can get your free pass.  They also help you plan your visits.  There are various links to send you to the types of sites you might want to schedule for your outing.  They also have links to help you set up a camping site or a cabin rental.  

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They provide you with a list of things to bring on your travels as well as discount options on Amtrak travel to the National Park sites.  Doesn't that sound fun?  There are even passes to access if you are a Homeschool Group Leader (4th graders).  Lesson plans are also available to help you make the trips more of a learning experience.  These can be a great starting point for your adventure.

National Parks Arizona

I hope you'll check out this wonderful opportunity, and let me know how your trips turn out.  Send me a picture :)

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