Educents Gift Guide

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Everywhere you look, you'll see another Gift Guide.  With Christmas on the horizon, we all are looking for amazing gifts for our children and grandchildren.  How about getting them something a little more educational, for a change.  Educents has created their Gift Guide, which is perfect for the holiday season.

Educents Gift Guide

If you haven't been to Educents, you'll enjoy browsing all the fun, creative, and challenging choices that children will love.  Moms love them, too.  There are plenty of toys to play with outdoors and indoors on those cold winter days and nights.  Toys and other products are listed by age, gender, and grade. 

You can even search by categories, like: Math, Arts & Crafts, STEM, Science, and Language Arts.  So, no matter what you're looking for, you'll be sure to find it at Educents.  I love the Dress-Up costumes, too.  Some parents are looking for costumes for Halloween, but Homeschool moms like to look for costumes for many reasons.  It's great to let kids use their imaginations when studying about different time-periods or cultures. 

One of the best-sellers for Science is Clifford The Big Red Dog Science Club.  This club is geared for children in Kindergarten through 4th Grade. 

Another well-loved product is Times Tales.  This Math program is for grade levels 1-4.  It helps your children to learn their multiplication tables quickly.  It also comes with free shipping.

Times Tales

uKloo is a fun way to practice reading skills.  Kids go on a scavenger hunt while they learn and have lots of fun.  


I know that many homeschool moms are using Life Of Fred math curriculum.  These high school math books are very popular!  


Check out the Gift Guide, and see if it will help you with your Naughty or Nice Shopping List.  
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