Answers in Genesis DVDs on Sale

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Have you ever seen any of the DVDs from Answers in Genesis?  They are very popular with Homeschool families.  Answers in Genesis has many types of DVDs that your family will enjoy.

Answers Genesis

Christianbook now has many of the Answers in Genesis DVDs on sale for 30% off.  This is a great way to save on family DVDs and homeschool curriculum resources.  Many varieties are available.  

Have you heard of SwampMan or The Wild Brothers?  These are some of the titles in series that are available on sale, and they would make wonderful Christmas gifts.  Kids love these adventurous DVDs.

This sale has some curriculum and documentary DVDs by Ken Ham.  Check them out!  Here's a Christmas DVD, too!

Want to browse all the titles in this sale?  Just click on the picture below to see everything!  Thanks!

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  1. So awesome!! That's a great sale and an awesome way to learn!

  2. What a wonderful way to learn for a great price!