2018 Homeschool Conventions

2018 is a new year for homeschool conventions!  Last year I was honored to attend my state's homeschool convention as an official blogger.  The HEAV convention was really wonderful and one of the biggest state conventions in the country!

Homeschool Conventions

I'm signing up to go to the HEAV Convention again this year.  I've also signed up to attend another convention in my region.  I'll be attending the SouthEast Great Homeschool Convention in South Carolina.  This is one of the earliest conventions and is held March 8-10.

The Great Homeschool Convention has 5 regional conventions throughout the United States.  The five conventions are: SouthEast, Texas, Missouri, Midwest, and California.  If you are interested, you can check out the information HERE.


Your state may have it's own convention.  I know Virginia has more than one.  The HEAV convention is a Christian Homeschool Convention.  The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers also has a March convention.  There will also be local conferences in most states, as well as Curriculum Fairs.

Alabama CHEF  TBA

Alaska APHEA  April 6-7

Arizona AFHE July 13-14

Arkansas CAHC  June 2

California CHEA  June 28-30

California HSC  August 9-12

Colorado Rocky Mountain Homeschool Conference June 14-16

Connecticut TEACH CT

Florida FPEA May 24-26

Georgia Southeast Homeschool Expo July 26

Hawaii Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii March 9-10

Hawaii  Hawai'i Homeschool Network

Idaho  CHOIS  June 1-2

Illinois ICHE  May 31-June 2

Indiana IAHE  March 23-24

Iowa Homeschool Iowa  May 31-June 2

Kansas TPA   April 13-14

Louisiana IHM April 20

Maine  HOME  March 15-17

Maryland MACHE  May 20-21

Massachusetts MassHOPE  April 26-28

Michigan MCHE  May 17-19

Minnesota MACHE  April 13-14

Mississippi MHEA   May 18-19

Missouri MPE  April 6-7

Nebraska NCHEA   April 27-28

New Mexico CAPE  April 19-21

New York IHM  July 27

North Carolina NCHE  March 31-21

North Dakota NDHSA  February 15-17

Ohio  Midwest Great Homeschool Convention  April 12-14

Oklahoma  OCHEC  May 4-5

Oregon  OCEAN  June 22-23

Pennsylvania  CHAP  June 1-2

South Carolina  Low Country Homeschool Convention May 31-June 2

South Dakota SECHE   May 11-12

Tennessee  IHM   March 25

Texas  Arlington THSC  May 10-12  and the Woodlands THSC  May 31-June 2

Virginia HEAV - June 7-9

Washington  WHO  June 22-23

Wisconsin  WPA  May 4-5

Wisconsin Inspire Your Homeschool  April 7

Canadian Conventions

Alberta AHEA  April 12-14

Saskatchewan SHBE  February 23-24

Manitoba MACHS   March 23-24

Ontario OCHEC   May 4-5

British Columbia BCCHEC  April 27-28

Nova Scotia HEMS  April 27-28


I'm sure there are many more conventions and some have not yet released their convention information.  What is your favorite convention?  Feel free to leave that information in the comments.  I am not endorsing or promoting any of these on the list.  This list is just for your information.

Convention season is my favorite and I get very excited preparing to go.  I'll be posting more throughout the convention season.  I'll also blog through conventions that I attend.  I hope you'll follow along!

@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. This is great for homeschool moms. I am sure you get many great ideas from these conventions. Thank you so much for sharing

    1. Yes, there are great opportunities for growth. The conventions also offer wonderful savings on curriculum!

  2. Helpful all in one list, thanks. Any for Canadians?

  3. How nice that homeschooled kids can get together!

  4. These conventions look interesting.