Convention Update

As I told you in Striving to Serve, I was scheduled to be at the Great Homeschool Convention this weekend.  This past week I've been dealing with painful muscle spasms in my lower back. I was able to calm them down with heavier doses of muscle relaxers, but they make me so sleepy. 


Cancelling the hotel reservations was disappointing to me, to say the least.  Sometimes wanting something just isn't enough to make it happen.  Having chronic health problems can cause me to change plans.  Unfortunately, that happened this time.

Thankfully, I plan to attend my state convention in the summer.  I'll do my best to share everything I learn with you.  Last year was such an encouraging and educational experience, that I'm eager to go back.

If you're looking for great conventions and homeschool events around the US, check the tabs above (Homeschool Events & Virginia Homeschool).  I'm updating daily to bring you fun and educational opportunities.  If you would like me to share your event, let me know.  God bless you this week as you teach and train your children.
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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you had to cancel your plans. That must have been so disappointing.

    1. Thanks, it was. I love homeschool conventions and will have to look forward to the next one in June.