Homeschool Entrepreneur Opportunities

Does your child have an entrepreneurial spirit? Homeschooling is a lifestyle which offers enough time for kids to try to build a personal business.  What a great learning opportunity!


Home businesses are everywhere and homeschooling families are big participants.  Almost every homeschool family I know has had children/teens who've started a business.  Even one of my children has become an entrepreneur.

When she was in junior high school, she was very interested in crafting.  She used her talents to create beautiful Christmas ornaments.  I joined in with her, making some crafts.  We participated together in a Christmas Arts and Crafts show.  She learned how to create, price, work with customers, and how to save her profits.  It was a wonderful learning experience.

Because homeschoolers value hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit, homeschool conventions have found a way to help these children learn and grow!  Our Virginia State Convention has an entire section of the vendor hall set aside for young salesmen and women.  What a terrific idea!


Below is the list of Homeschool State Conventions that offer a Youth Entrepreneur opportunity:

Arizona  email:

California HSC has a Bizarre Bazar for those who want to sell items

Colorado Rocky Mt Convention 


Illinois ICHE

Kansas TPA  email:

Mississippi MHEA

Virginia HEAV

Nova Scotia HEMS

The other states may have a program, but I couldn't find any information to verify.  If you would like your state to be added, please let me know.  I am so excited to send young entrepreneurs on their way.

@2018, copyright Lisa Ehrman


  1. I love that your convention had a whole area set aside! I have heard a lot about homeschooling students starting their own businesses and I think that is just fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Love to Learn; I hope to see you back next week! Pinned.

    1. Thanks! I wish these events had been available when my child had a business. She would have loved selling at convention. Your kids may do something similar later; they seem very creative :)