Get Back To Nature

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Does your family love nature?  Do you like to go camping?  Getting out in the great outdoors is one of the hallmarks of a great summer!  Most of us have memories of camping, hiking, or just enjoying the backyard.  There's nothing more fun than creating memories with your family, too!

Wouldn't you love to have some new ideas to implement with your kids?  You can get them for free!  Just attend the Back To Nature: 3-Day workshop online!

This workshop helps you to find:

  • Fun activities revolving around the theme of: Sun, Stars, and Trees - for all ages
  • Challenge parents to encourage their kids to explore outdoors
  • Strive towards greater family unity
  • Connect families and detox from screens
  • Foster a love of nature in your family

This completely free workshop is yours, just for signing up.  Once you sign up, you'll receive an email that connects you to the learning fun, which begins on July 12.  You and your family will have a blast from all of these wonderful guides to fun!

Invite your friends and family, too!  You'll be glad to turn off the screens and get outside!  Enjoy the adventures that await.

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