Homeschool Insights is written by someone who's been there: a homeschool mom who has lived and loved the journey.  On the life-long journey of homeschooling, you need help.  Here at Homeschool Insights, I'm here to serve you!

As a homeschool veteran of over 20 years and a master's degree in education, I am here to share with you thoughtful ideas, top-quality resources, and encouragement.  The aim is to help you love your journey.

As a homeschool blogger, my goal is to provide you with great advice and great homeschooling and family deals and giveaways.  With ongoing Reviews of learning products and items for your family, you'll see all the new and beneficial products.

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Homeschool Insights has a huge Social Media following to help promote products that you want homeschool moms and all families to discover!  Professional Reviews and Giveaways are something that I specialize in, to help you grow your business in the homeschool community.  

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